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Orange County Firearm Inspection

One of the ways California Gun Services helps gun owners maintain compliance with state gun laws and requirements is through our gun audit services in Anaheim.

During a gun audit, one of our knowledgeable firearm inspection experts will come to your Anaheim home to inspect your guns and make sure they are compliant with all California gun laws.

We understand audits can be stressful, but even if our team finds a firearm out of compliance with California law, we will provide you with clear guidance and advice on how to bring it into compliance. In some cases, you may even need to dispose of it or sell it out of state.

California gun laws are complex, and it can be difficult to stay on top of changing rules and regulations. They can even change from year to year. Many Anaheim gun owners may not know firearms purchased from a gun shop last year may be illegal under current California rules. Through our Anaheim gun law compliance services, we will provide a complete and thorough inspection to make sure the firearms don’t have any illegal features.

Three important features to check when determining the legal status of a firearm are bump stocks, bullet buttons, and assault weapon qualification. Bump stocks or burst triggers are modifications that enable guns to fire ammunition more quickly. In California, any modification that enables semi-automatic guns a rapid-fire burst is illegal. Bullet buttons are another item we look for in our gun audit. Although they used to adapt firearms to California gun laws, legislation has changed and now all weapons with a bullet button must be registered. Lastly, our Anaheim gun audit services offer checks ffor any factors qualifying your firearm as an assault weapon.

Let our team at California Gun Services take the stress out of staying up to date on state gun laws and regulations. Our expert staff stays on top of the changing requirements so you don’t have to through our professional gun audit services! Contact our Anaheim firearm inspection team today to schedule your gun audit.

What Our Clients Are Saying

My son inherited 4 guns from his father, 2 handguns and 2 AR’s. While he had been out shooting with his father, he didn’t know much more about them or the laws surrounding owning the guns. I reached out to Jeff McCabe to see if he could help us. Jeff researched to make sure that my son could legally own the guns, he showed him how to take them apart, clean them and put them back together.  Jeff also went over the proper way to store and transport the guns. Most importantly he went over my son’s responsibilities as a gun owner. Jeff let my son know there was always an open door if he ever needed help in the future. I truly appreciate Jeff’s knowledge and the time he took to help us.

-Anna & Christian, Rancho Santa Margarita

Five years ago, I found myself suddenly raising my 18-year-old son and 19-year-old daughter on my own.  My husband of 21 years passed away unexpectedly, and now I was solely responsible on all decisions when it came to my children who still lived at home. Aside from getting through the obvious, I was concerned with the firearms my husband had stored in our home. I wasn’t sure how to handle the two hand guns and three shotguns that were used for recreational use by my husband. I was worried that my son or his friends may have interest in them and did not want any “accidents” happening. I then turned to Jeff McCabe for his advice as he came highly recommended.  Jeff then educated my children and I on the safety of guns, how to handle them, store them and transport them.  He also took the time to show my son how to load, unload and clean them. He advised me to purchase a gun safe, in which I did, and he installed it for me.  One of the guns had become illegal with recent law changes and Jeff altered it to make sure it was compliant with California Laws.  He also encouraged my son to take a safety class, which he has recently signed up for.  I now feel safe and comfortable with having the firearms in my home, knowing my children and I have now been educated on safe handling; I owe that to Jeff McCabe.  If I ever should need help in the future, I would seek Jeff’s expertise again.

-Roxanne Clawson, Orange

    There are many things to deal with when a loved one dies. In 2010, when cleaning out my husbands closet, I came across several of his guns.  I didn’t want to keep them and was unsure what to do with them.  My daughters didn’t want the guns and I didn’t want to have to deal with hassle of storing them as my grandchildren are often at my house.  A friend mentioned I should call Jeff McCabe. 
    Jeff was very nice, easy to talk with, trustworthy and knowledgeable.  He came to my house, checked all the guns to make sure they were unloaded and removed them. Jeff also told me one the guns was a collector’s item and was able to sell it for me.  One less thing to worry about.  I cannot recommend Jeff enough. 

-Rhonda Murphy, San Clemente

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